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Lost And Found [message #1774] Sat, 15 October 2016 10:29
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Lost And Found

I lost my heart, I couldn't find it anywhere.
Pitiful though it was, at least it had been there.
I remembered, bittersweetly, the way it hurt,
When a harsh word bruised it,
The way a slight burned it, like lemon in a wound,
The dull ache of old injury exhumed.
The way I myself had used it, as an excuse,
To return the hurt, to any by whom I'd felt abused.

Now that it was gone, I knew I couldn't be
The same I was a year ago, a month, a week.
For someone had surely found this vital part of me.
Would they crush it underfoot, or keep it,
As a curiosity, nestled in a jar?
I could live without it, no doubt,
As many do, who find it easier to tear it out;
A hindrance to their numb existence.

Perhaps I should stop looking,
How peaceful I could be, untouched by joy or sorrow,
Cold and serene, like the deep of the sea.
But I knew I would miss the thrill of a kiss,
The joy in a baby's unfettered laughter,
The happy glow of sunshine on my skin.
Could I settle for heartless ever after?
I couldn't lose the thing that made life worth living.

I got down on my knees, searching
For the precious thing that was missing in me.
A kind voice asked me what took so long,
And offered up the heart he cradled gently.
I found it on the ground, he said,
It had been battered, neglected, and kicked around,
You yourself could not protect it, even some of the scars are self-inflicted.
So I've washed and kept it, until it's ready to be taken home again.

And as I looked at it, new and clean, it began to beat.
I smiled gratefully, but was loath to take it from it's place of safety.
I asked him what he'd seen, in such an ill-used heart, worth rescuing.
He said he'd seen what it could be, if I allowed his love to save me.
He saw my hesitation,
He knew my every thought and feeling.
I will keep it safe, he said, high above the sin and degredation,
If you simply ask it of me.

Now when I feel overwhelmed, tainted by evil and sin,
I only have to get down on my knees, to see my heart safe and whole with Him.
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