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Finally, a prayer that i had been praying for about a year have been answered. As some of you know i had tonsil stones and thought i removed all of them, but some of them very in a place that i could not see easily. I realized that i still had some left because of the horrible smell continued, but not as strong. I looked around my mouth and found the stone and could not remove it because it was in a difficult place to reach i was trying over and over to remove it and could not do it no matter what i tried. The smell was awful having it almost all the time was really annoying. What's worse was that i could not do anything about the smell. I was tempted to curse GOD for it even tho it was my fault because of the diet that i had before i was a Christian. But i did not curse God and instead prayed and tried to be patient. I decided that if i had to wait till the second coming of Christ for the tonsil stone to be removed i would patiently wait and endure the smell. Recently i decided to try to remove the tonsil stones again i failed. So i got down on my knees and prayed and asked for help not only i got the help i needed, but the LORD showed me another tonsil stone that i did not know existed, he helped me remove it, and then i went down on my knees again asked for the LORD to help me remove the second one and finally with the help of GOD it was removed. After that, i started praising GOD over and over. My brothers and sisters in Christ if you have some kind of the disease or something that really annoys you and you want it gone, don't curse GOD keep praying bee patient and wait, even if you have to wait till the second coming. PTL!!! Glory to GOD!!!

Here is a second praise
Before being a Christian i was a suicidal atheist. I saw no point in living because i thought why should i go find a career, make money, buy all sorts of stuff and work all my life then to just die into nothingness, that would just be a waste of time. I saw no point in living. If i can't live forever whats the point. I did not have a reason to live. So id decided to kill myself, i tried to kill myself multiple times( don't remember how many), but something kept preventing me from killing myself. Here is one example: while researching on the internet i found out how easy it is to make explosives like gunpowder, tnt, dynamite(nitroglycerine yes the one they add to drugs dynamite is just nitroglycerine mixed with diatomaceous earth) and other explosives. And some explosives are just fertilizer (im not going to name which one) and fuel, which you can almost buy anywhere. And then i need a basic understanding of chemistry which i already had. So i bought chemicals to manufacture explosives so i could blow myself up, but then things happened and the equipment and some chemicals necessary to manufacture the explosives got destroyed. I praise the LORD for preventing me from killing myself and showing me how foolish was i. GOD kept me alive so i could find Jesus Christ as LORD and Saviour. After accepting Jesus Christ as LORD and Saviour i realized how foolish and stupid i was and that life as an atheist is depressing and pointless. PTL!!!. GOD gave me a reason live: to serve and Glorify GOD, that's what i was created for. PTL!!! When i was an atheist i hated GOD without any good reason i didn't even give a chance to GOD, i just looked up asked if there is GOD, and about two seconds later after not getting an answer, i decided there is no GOD. But for some reason, i kept asking if there is GOD. Many atheists don't realize that they are actually looking for GOD without knowing it. When i became a Christian and found out what GOD offers to us, i thought what's the downside? I get to live forever, im always happy, i get to build a house my own house the way i like and it's going to last forever, i get to go to other planets, what's the downside? its my dream to explore the universe and go to other planets and visit other beings out there. And there is no downside to being a Christian. It is very good. GOD is good. Praise Jesus!!!
Praise the LORD!!! Glory to GOD !!!
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