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Hello PoGM/Br. Nicholas,

If you have not seen please watch the presentation by Pastor David Gates.

He believes that a time of trouble is very near. Indicating that Spring 2019 will bring about the Sunday Law.

Please watch as he gets into more detail than myself.

Your opinion/convictions on the matter would be much appreciated & could be very important for all that visit and are part of your ministry.

God bless,
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Dear Matthew;
I already responded to you in email on this. Did you not get my email? I also stated the following in the comment section of that video you sent me almost immediately...

1 day ago
Anyone that stands as pastor in an admitted apostate church (See cannot wholly understand prophecy. The only way to understand prophecy is to obey the God that wrote it. And both Scripture and SOP say to get out of ALL apostate churches. Not just Rome! The fact Gates is now setting dates confirms he has been moved to deny Jesus Lord when He stated in Matthew 24:36, "But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only."

Not even Sister White set dates!"

Not long after posting that comment in the video, someone named "Gershom James" posted the following...

Gershom James
1 day ago
The "day and hour" that the Bible is talking about is the Second Coming not the Close of Probation.

And so I posted the following...

1 day ago (edited)
I warn you in love dear one that you need to get out of that church and study the Word of God without allowing men to define what it means. Both the Scripture and Sister White declare all time prophecy (knowing of dates) ENDED on October 22, 1844. (See Revelation 10:6 and MAR 18:3)

Ellen White never set a date, and she was a prophet. How I ask is it Gates knows these dates when the Bible and a real prophet says otherwise? PLUS, he is in a government approved church that has helped to create an image of the beast by joining the SDA church with the second beast of Revelation. See this about the image of the beast...

Keep in mind Matthew; all through the history of the Old and New Testament church whenever the people of God were in apostasy He did not grant them an understanding of prophetic events. Every SDA pastor and SDA person admits today (as do the Catholics) that their church is in apostasy. Yet like the Catholics, they stay in the church. Why would our Lord change the way His will works now regarding dealing with such people when He stated through His servant Paul in Hebrews 13:8  Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and to day, and for ever.

The only way to truly understand prophecy is to be obedient unto the God that wrote it. Yes, the SDA church will echo the old bible studies about the signs of the times over and over again because that's easy to do once the study is done. But they cannot utter prophetic truths today regarding what's coming unless they plagiarize someone who has declared it. Take for example how Ted Wilson said "nothing is in the pipline regarding Sunday Laws not too long ago. I did a video on that here...

The SDA church has fallen just as prophecy predicted it would. They did a good work in the 9th hour and now the church (woman) is no longer doing their ordained duty and so as prophesied in Matthew 20:1-7 and Revelation 12:17, the 11th hour "remnant of her seed" (the SDR people) are right now finishing the work. For more info on those prophetic events wholly ignored by the SDA church leaders, see

For more info on what Sister White said about being in the SDA church today, see a growing compilation of SOP quotes you will never hear from an SDA pulpit today...

I pray you are blessed and come out of that fallen church before the plagues fall. If you seek a safe place to worship we here in the SDR church will welcome you with open arms. Smile

In Christ I Remain

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Re: David Gates - Presentation - "Even at the door" [message #2586 is a reply to message #2585] Tue, 23 October 2018 19:01 Go to previous message
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Hi Brother,

Thank you for your response. I am well aware of the apostasy within the SDA church.

I did email but I saw that you may not respond for 3 weeks and considering the urgency of this situation I posted in the forum instead.

I am a long time lurker on this website and have been in the POGM Chat/Sabbath studies a very long time ago. (8+ years ago) So I am not too sure if you would remember me.

I find it interesting that David Gates would come out the way he has to present this message. He seems sincere about it. I haven't really listened to his lectures in the past and someone had shared this with me, so I watched it. THe reason why I contacted you, the POGM Ministry, is because I trust that which you say.

I believe, whether what he says is true or not, we are to be prepared daily.

Lordy have mercy, as many of us still remain asleep.

God Bless,


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