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Causes: A disordered stomach from eating the wrong diet may lower the natural resistance of the body; however, the specific organism responsible for tonsillitis is usually a virus, and occasionally a bacteria. Wrong habits of eating and living lower the natural resistance, and permit these organisms to gain a foothold in the body and cause various diseases, including tonsillitis.

I know of cases where I had been sitting at the table with people whose throat was all right the day before, buy they ate a large amount of rich food, and the next day they developed a case of fever with tonsillitis. They blamed the food, but it was not the food, but the abnormal amount of it that they had eaten. The stomach and intestines could not handle it, so it became a poison in the system and inflamed the entire digestive tract. This permitted the virus to gain a foothold in the tonsils and they became swollen and sore. Most throat and adenoid troubles, sinusitis, bronchitis, and various coughs, can be traced directly to a bad condition in the stomach.

Symptoms: The throat becomes very sore and swollen and sometimes nearly closed, so that it is almost impossible to swallow. There is usually fever and sometimes chills. The throat and mouth may become dry. The tonsils are swollen and red in color, sometimes with ulcers or whitish spots on the surface. Often the glands of the neck are swollen and tender.

Treatment: Crush some ice and wrap it in a towel, put it around the neck, pinning securely in the back with safety pins, or use an ice bag if available. When this becomes too painful, take it off and apply a hot fomentation, keeping it on for three to five minutes. Then put the ice on again for a short time. Keep this up for an hour or more, then gargle the throat with a solution made of one teaspoonful each of golden seal and myrrh to a pint of boiling water. Let steep one-half hour. Gargle thoroughly with this solution every half-hour, swallowing a little. If the tonsils are swollen so large that the tea does not reach the back of the tonsils when gargling, swab the tonsils with it. Lemon juice may be used in the same way with splendid results.

A hot bath and a good salt glow in the evening before retiring are beneficial.

Take some hot tea made of red raspberry or sage, one teaspoonful to the cup of boiling water. Slippery elm is an excellent remedy for sore throat and stomach trouble. This may be taken freely during the day, a cupful at a time. Take five or six times a day. ... Slippery elm lozenges are available at many pharmacies; take as directed on the box.

Diet: The diet should be very light for the first few days. A fruit diet is excellent. If fruit is not available, make a vegetable soup... It may be used as a hot or cold drink, and is very nourishing.

Give hot soybean milk over whole wheat flakes. This may also be taken by a small child or infant. When used for infants, it should be put through a fine sieve and given in a bottle.

Soybean milk does not form curds like cow's milk.

Use plenty of fruit juices during the attack of tonsillitis. Pineapple and citrus fruit juices are especially valuable.

Another excellent gargle can be made by steeping one teaspoonful each of wild cherry and sumach and a small teaspoonful of powdered lobelia, in a pint of boiling water for one-half hour. Gargle or swab the tonsils with it often, and swallow a little. Do this every hour until the condition is better, and then as often as needed. A tea may also be made from red sage, wood betony, or bistort, for an excellent gargle in tonsillitis.

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