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I wanted to share my praise/testimony in today's Sabbath sermon, but it is not always easy for me to express my words and to share things with people I do not know well, but it has been put on my heart to share. I am looking forward to getting to know this wonderful church family I have been blessed to find, took me a little while to realize it but that is my first praise because as each day passes I find myself becoming more and more alone and I know I will need support. The rest of my praise and testimony is rather long and took me a while to type up and thought this would be the best place to post it.

Ever since I found PoG I have been trying to keep the Sabbath day to God's liking, and it gets easier every week and this past Sabbath (1/16/16) was my most blessed one yet. Lately, I have been having trouble sleeping, so at night I looked to the Remnant of God website to read Nicholas' truthful words, the bible, and work on the study lessons and booklets, however last Friday night I was pulled to mainly read the website, and watch videos that have been posted and did that until the Sabbath sermon and I came across several tabs, sections, and videos I had yet to read or watch and they, a couple in particular made we weep in joy and revelation, really moved me to finally submit myself to our Lord and accept and ask him into my heart and being able to partake in the Lord's supper was such a huge blessing on that day. There have been a couple things in my life that I have been struggling with and I have never been able to find the answers, or understanding as to why things were as they were and I may not have had them answered but I have come to realize that I don't need an answer, but a way to overcome them, especially one that satan has such control over, but no longer with God on my side. That one is for another testimony that I feel is meant for the future to really show how through God anything is possible, and much work needs to be done in my life with that one, so please pray for me.

I always have felt that if it wasn't for me to grow up in a Christian town and in a Christian family, I would not have ended up here as I am now and please pray for my family as they are lost to the Christian (roman) ways of man and so is every Christian I know other than those that are SDR, and pray to give me strength to come before them and bring them unto the truth in some way. There are several Christians in my life that are fed up with the Christians ways of today and need that seed planted and to flee from those churches. Even back then I never felt right going to church on Sundays, maybe in some due to kid rebellion, but also because it always seemed odd to me to worship on the first day, especially when the Book of Genesis was the book I knew the most about and I would ask and the reasons I got were because one should start the week out right with God and in a way that made sense but it never stuck. As the older I got the less "at home" I felt in that church, despite the love I felt from those in the church. When I was 15 I accepted Jesus but not really with my whole heart and mainly in my mind if that makes sense, but I had no idea what I was really supposed to feel at that point and got baptized anyway. After I went away to college I fell pretty much completely and fully indulged in the ways of the world, but it was always in the back of my mind and heart that I needed to get onto a different path. I praise the Lord that my path in school is one of the main reasons I found the truth. My degree allowed me to open my eyes to the corruption of the word which long story short always kept connecting me with bible prophecy, some fake and some real, which kept me wanting to find answers and more truth and in many ways I started to do the things true Christians do without realizing it, such as not drinking alcohol, quit eating pork and GMOs, and among other things. At that time, my interested in the Jews and Judaism grew and always thought they were still the chosen ones and I wanted to abide by some if not all their laws and kind of became a Judeo-Christian. However, through more research I found PoGm through one of the anti-christ pages and it said things I believed so I kept reading since then and have become more and more at home with SDR, praise and glory to the Lord! Smile It has not been clearer to me than it is now how much God loves me and how much He's put His hand in my life and how many times I almost was completely lost or even died without knowing, but God kept me safe and brought me here. I now know how one should feel when Christ has truly entered their heart! Praise the Lord for my new path with Christ our Saviour!

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Smile Don't worry; you have a family with us. I myself sometimes feel lonely; but I need to remember that Christ is with me. God bless you Smile.

"Who is among you that feareth the Lord, that obeyeth the voice of his servant, that walketh in darkness, and hath no light? let him trust in the name of the Lord, and stay upon his God." Isaiah 50:10.
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PTL indeed!! I am totally amazed how many of us have such a similar life story, again PTL Smile

Your brother in Christ
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Yep. Mine's similar too.
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