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Not Time Setting [message #860] Mon, 25 January 2016 17:01
DEFINITE TIME There will be no tracing of definite time after 1844 (7BC 971) for time setting is not a test after 1844 (EW 75; 2SM 73; 1T 409).

THE INVESTIGATIVE JUDGMENT None know how soon it will pass to the cases of the living (GC 490; 5T 692), for no man knows how near we are to the close of it (GC 490-491). The destiny of all men is decided at its close (COL 310; GC 428, 490), for the door of mercy will be closed when it ends (GC 428), and probation ends at that time (GC 428, 491). There is no probationary time after it has examined the cases of the living (COL 123), for it will continue until every case has been decided (GC 436). Thus it extends to the close of probation (BC 436), for it is the closing work in the heavenly Sanctuary (GC 428).

THE NATIONAL SUNDAY LAW The enforcement of this Sunday Law will be the sign that the end is near, that the limit of Gods forbearance has been reached, and that the time for Satan's marvelous workings has come (5T 451).

THE LOUD CRY AND THE LATTER RAIN The Loud Cry and Latter Rain are very closely related (EW 271), for the Latter Rain empowers Gods people in the Loud Cry (EW 86; GC 611-612). But it is wrong to predict the date for the Latter Rain (1 SM 188), because we should not time set the outpouring of the Holy Spirit (EV 221). No light has been given us regarding a definite time for this event (7BC 984).

THE THIRD ANGELS MESSAGE We are warned against time setting in our sharing of the truth (EW 72). This message does not need time setting in order to strengthen it (EW 75). It must never be hung on time (1SM 188). God has never revealed a definite time for the close of the last message (7BC 989-990; 1SM 191), for, indeed, there are no more messages of any kind that are based on time (6BC 1052; 7BC 971; 1SM 188) and no man has a true message of definite time (2SM 113). This is because no man is able to predict any future time event (EV 221). He cannot know definite time (6BC 1052; EV 221; 1SM 188; 6T 440).

THE CLOSE OF PROBATION God has not revealed definite time for the close of probation (7BC 989-990; 1SM 191), and we have been warned against time setting in regard to this event (7BC 989-990; 2SM 73).

ANY PROMISE GOD HAS GIVEN We should beware of time setting in regard to any promise that God has made (TM 55). So then, consider this: The people of God have been promised many events that shall take place before the Second Advent. (1) Should we try to figure out when these events will take place? No, we should not try to do this (TM 55). (2) Should we dream up new events that God has never told us of and time set in regard to them? Obviously, we should not do this either.

THE SECOND COMING No man has a true message of time setting in regard to the Second Advent (2SM 113), and to try to do so pleases Satan (DA 457). We have been warned against doing this (DA 632-633; FE 335; GC 456-457; 1T 409; TM 55, 61) and we should beware of doing it (TM 55, 61; 1SM 75-76). Those who do it only weaken the faith of Gods people (EW 22; 1T 72-73). m
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