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"Humorous" news article; example of the times we're living in. [message #568] Fri, 27 November 2015 18:51 Go to next message
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Matthew 24:12 And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold.

It's bad enough that breaking the 9th commandment is treated like a "no biggie" by 99% of the world, but this article shows how the media is indoctrinating the population into thinking it's also FUNNY. Because everything is acceptable if it's funny.

I read through this, and some of the lies parents tell their children are HORRIFYING. Some of the worst ones were:

-"Speed bumps have children under them. They weren't holding their adult's hand so no one saw them and ran them over. Then the road crew covered them up as a yellow speed bump. My kids always held my hands after that outside." - Lisa Marie

-"After watching Barney every day twice a day, I told my son that Barney died and blocked the channel! Shameful I know." - Teddi

-"I told my kids that Santa was fat because he eats naughty children." - Kathleen

-"That if they aren't good they will end up like their brother in the attic. Whom they have never met." - Brittany

-"My son ate my chocolate women's vitamins so I told him he would grow breasts. He was terrified." - Jessica

-"After a few episodes of Caillou, I told my daughter that she had made him up in her imagination and that it wasn't a show she had ever seen." - Heather

-"I told my girls the tangles in their hair were spider webs and if we didn't get them out, spiders come to lay eggs in the webs and eventually the family of spiders crawl in their ears and eyes." - Lupita

- "Two biggies I use regularly are whatever I am eating and don't want to share, I say it's spicy. Or I lie about what time it is, so they might go in for a nap or bed early...." - Sue

-"That there was a sugar fairy that came on Halloween night and took half their candy. She would leave a gift." - Vickie

- "We went to the park and the 4-year-old was trying to go into a huge storm drain. I told him a bad clown that eats kids live in there. I finally told him it was pretend because he got super excited and when I said it was a movie, for over a year now he still wants to watch the movie." - Heather

-"That the movie Matilda is a true story and he's lucky he doesn't have to go to that school." - Shalimar

These parents aren't just lying to their own children, who will soon grow old enough to feel tricked and betrayed; they are deliberately terrifying them to force them into behaving. Instead of exemplifying Jesus' character and teaching their children with patience and love, today's parents find it easier (and funnier) to lie to and terrify their children. And then they brag about doing so!

Many of the lies in this article were about holidays and made-up beings, like the tooth fairy. One lie turns into another when the parents forget to put money under a pillow, or worse, can't afford to do so, and feel they have to make something up. It's a vicious circle. And what happens when a child gets old enough to realize mom and dad were stealing half their Halloween candy every year? Or that the childhood hero they loved never actually died; mom just didn't want them watching the show all the time? I can't even imagine the mental anxiety some of these lies will cause for these children later in life! No wonder teenagers are rebelling against their parents! How much subconscious anger and bitterness is harbored in their hearts because of these half-remembered betrayals?

Children are the heritage of the Lord, and we are answerable to Him for our management of His property. (E.G. White-The Adventist Home)
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Why are they even parents?
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