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Red Clover [message #301] Sat, 10 October 2015 20:48
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(Trifolium pratense)

Common Names:
Wild Clover, Cleaver Grass, Marl Grass, Cow Grass, Trefoil, Purple Clover

Parts Used:

Medicinal Properties:
Depurative, Detergent, Alterative, Mild Stimulant

Description and Uses:
Red Clover is one of God's greatest blessings to man. Very pleasant to take and a wonderful blood purifier. Combined with equal parts of blue violet, burdock, yellow dock, dandelion root, rock rose, and golden seal, it is a great help in treating cancerous growths, leprosy, and pellagra. Learn to use this God-given remedy effectively. Used without other herbs, it is good for cancer of the stomach, whooping cough, and various spasms. The warm tea is very soothing to the nerves. I have used red clover blossoms for many years with excellent results. When I was a boy, my parents had me gather it for their postmaster, who had a serious cancer. He lived to be an old man, without an operation.
Red clover blossoms were also one of Mrs. E. G. White's home remedies. Mrs. White, mentioned earlier in this book, wrote several books on health and good diet. Red clover is effective in bronchial troubles and whooping cough.
It is healing to fresh wounds as well as old ulcers and makes an excellent healing salve. Red clover is exceedingly good for cancer on any part of the body. If in the throat, make a strong tea and gargle four or five times a day, swallowing some of the tea. If in the stomach, drink four or more cups of red clover tea a day on an empty stomach.If there are sores on the outside of any part of the body, bathe them freely with the tea. If in the rectum, inject with a syringe, five or six times a day. If in the uterus, inject with a bulb syringe, holding the vagina closed around the head of the womb. This should be held in for several minutes before expelling.
Every family should have a good supply of red clover blossoms. Gather them in the summer when in full bloom and dry them in the shade on paper. Put them in paper bags when dry and hang in a dry place. Use this tea in place of tea and coffee and you will have splendid results. Use it freely. It can be taken in place of water. If used as a capsule, take one or two, three times a day.

Back to Eden
By Jethro Kloss
The Classic Guide to Herbal Medicine, Natural Foods and Home Remedies since 1939

2SM Selected Messages Book 2 (1958)
Chap. 30 Ellen G. White's Use of Remedial Agencies

"My herb drink."--We need not go to China for our tea, or to Java for our coffee. Some have said: "Sister White uses tea, she keeps it in her house;" and that she has placed it before them to drink. They have not told the truth because I do not use it, neither do I keep it in my house. Once when crossing the waters I was sick and could retain nothing on my stomach and I did take a little weak tea as a medicine, but I don't want any of you again to make the remark that "Sister White uses tea." If you will come to my house I will show you the bag that contains my herb drink. I send to Michigan, across the mountains, and get the red-clover top. In regard to coffee, I never could drink it, so those who reported that Sister White drinks coffee made a mistake.-- Manuscript 3, 1888 (Sermon, Oakland, California). {2SM 301.5}
Clover Blossoms--First Crop.--I have a request to make. Will these children please gather me as much clover or even more than they did last year? If they can do this, they will do me a great favor. I cannot do it here. We have no clover on our ground. The first crop is preferable, but if this comes too late, the second crop had better be secured. --Letter 1, 1872 (To a family in Michigan). {2SM 302.1}
Tea Used as a Medicine, but Not as a Beverage.--I do not use tea, either green or black. Not a spoonful has passed my lips for many years except when crossing the ocean, and once since on this side I took it as a medicine when I was sick and vomiting. In such circumstances it may prove a present relief. {2SM 302.2}
I did not use tea when you were with us. I have always used red-clover top, as I stated to you. I offered you this, and told you it was a good, simple, and wholesome drink.... {2SM 302.3}
I have not bought a penny's worth of tea for years. Knowing its influence I would not dare to use it, except in cases of severe vomiting when I take it as a medicine, but not as a beverage.... {2SM 302.4}
I do not preach one thing and practice another. I do not present to my hearers rules of life for them to follow while I make an exception in my own case.... {2SM 302.5}
I am not guilty of drinking any tea except red-clover-top tea, and if I loved wine, tea, and coffee, I would not use these health-destroying narcotics, for I prize health and I prize a healthful example in all these things. I want to be a pattern of temperance and of good works to others.--Letter 12, 1888 (To a minister on the West Coast). {2SM 302.6}

Your brother in Christ

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